History and Mission

  • St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Whitby, is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • Our current building was constructed with much fanfare and planning in 1967
  • Our original building is now the Serbian Orthodox Church at Byron and St John, which you can visit, too!
  • In October 2018 we will celebrate our 185th anniversary.
  • We trace our roots to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century

Our Mission

  • To celebrate the reality of the living God in a supportive, caring community
  • To introduce people to Jesus as Saviour and Lord
  • To show faith, hope and love in the way we live our daily lives
  • To expand our music and worship style to be relevant to all ages
  • To enable our members to discover their spiritual gifts and provide opportunities for them to exercise these gifts
  • To maintain a beautiful and functional facility for corporate worship, study and fellowship
  • To support ministries that spread the Gospel to those who do not know Christ, and to organizations that alleviate human suffering