Leading with Care


St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is committed to providing a safe environment for all persons, including children, youth, vulnerable adults and those who minister to and with them.

Despite careful procedures, abuse and unsafe practices have occurred in congregations where no one would expect it. One way to protect is to make sure we have policies and procedures in place, that, as best we can, provide a safe environment.

The Leading with Care policy is not about us as individuals, but about us as a body of Christ trying to ensure the highest quality of ministry by offering our best in Christ, following His example in assuring that the young, weak and vulnerable in our midst are cared for, cherished and protected.

Leading with Care is primarily a prevention document. If careful steps are taken in leading, teaching and supporting, incidents of harm can be prevented.

Our teachers and leaders are asked to sign a ‘covenant of care’ form (code of conduct), obtain a police report that is on file in our church and promise to adhere to the safety standards set forth by this document.

The Leading with Care policy is our way to uphold the name of Christ by having policies in place to provide a safe environment for all.