Pre-Authorized Remittances


The pre-authorized remittance (PAR) plan helps one to give consistently, proportionately and intentionally. It means regular contributions to the church throughout the year. Many people use the PAR system for their church offering, finding it a convenient way to take care of their regular commitments to the church month by month.  This uses automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay for the monthly expenses your church has – similar to what you would have for your own monthly expenses, such as insurances, taxes, fuel, mortgage etc.  If you would like to use this systematic way of giving back to the LORD, complete a ‘PAR Authorization Form’ and mail it to the church at 209 Cochrane Street, Whitby, ON, L1N 5H9. You will find this form and a brochure about the ‘PAR Plan’ in our church on the narthex table.  You may also download a PAR Authorization Form using the following link: