Processes and Procedures for Re-opening for In-Person Worship Services on Sunday, September 19th, 2021.


St. Andrew’s Return to Worship
Sunday, September 19, at 10:00 AM

The session of St. Andrew’s has approved our reopening plan which we are pleased to announce.  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is planning a tentative reopening for in-person worship on Sunday September 19th, 2021, based on ongoing progress of province-wide vaccination rates and improvements of key public health and health care indicators.

Currently we have moved to Step 3 of reopening in the province of Ontario. In terms of Places of Worship this is what is now permitted:

Religious services, rites or ceremonies, including wedding services and funeral services (does not apply to receptions)

Indoor and outdoor permitted with capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2 meters.

WORSHIP in-person:    According to Durham Public Health “Gathering limit for religious services, wedding ceremonies and funeral services: Indoor and outdoor capacity is limited to the number of people that can maintain 2 metres physical distancing.”

Our reading of this is that there are no longer any percentage maximums for worship other than the socially distanced size of the sanctuary.

  • A screening table will be in place, staffed by a volunteer with the congregational list.
  • Assisted by ushers, entry seating front-to-back; exit seating back-to-front
  • Offering baskets will be available at the rear of the sanctuary.
  • masks will be required indoors
  • There will be no congregational singing as yet. Praise-hymn selections will be pre-recorded material or keyboard by Music Ministry Leader.

COFFEE HOUR: We will not have coffee hour at this time,  but will continue to monitor guidelines for indoor gatherings during the fall period.

While we hope that this will be a permanent re-opening, there are no guarantees. The COVID virus continues to mutate and spread in various parts of the world. It is possible we may have to pivot again. We will continue to be open to all the possibilities, rather than settle into a false assurance.