Statement of beliefs


We Believe:

  • in one God who created all things, who reveals himself as Father, Son, and Spirit.
  • in Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God: fully God and fully man at the same time, who became like us to bring about our salvation.
  • in the Spirit, who is the Spirit of God, who is active in the world, calling people to put their trust in Christ.
  • that the Bible is God’s inspired Word, giving us all we need to know about how to live, how to be saved and how to go to heaven and escape the judgment of God.
  • that we are all sinners and need God’s forgiveness and cleansing.
  • that Jesus died on the Cross to take the punishment of our sins on himself, so as to restore us  to a right relation to God.
  • that God calls all people to repentance and faith in his son, and those who respond are the Elect.
  • that when we turn from sin and trust in Christ, we are born anew, thus becoming part of the family of God.
  • that Jesus Christ is coming again.
  • that everyone shall face the judgment of God with its rewards and punishments.
  • God’s claim is not only on our lives but also on our children, so we present them to him in the sacrament of baptism which is the sign and seal of his covenant with us.  Adults who believe, if never baptized, should be baptized and confess publicly their faith in Christ.
  • in one other sacrament, and that is Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper.

Apostles’ Creed